Welcome to Lamniformes Cuneiform! My name is Ian Cory. I am a writer and professional drummer, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY where I currently live and work. This newletter’s name comes from my primary project, Lamniformes, a heavy rock “band” featuring my songwriting. I also play drums for the indie rock band Bellows, and even play drums for musical theater productions on occasion.

Currently, when not playing or touring with any of those projects, I’m learning how to play every song I’ve ever Liked on Spotify in a series called Drumming Upstream. That’s almost 500 songs in total. Once I’ve learned them all I plan on deleting my Spotify account in a blaze of glory. Come read along, it’ll be fun!

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Drummer and writer Ian Cory reports live from behind his drum set, offering a professional musician's perspective on his favorite songs and pop culture at large.


Ian Cory

Musician and writer. Brain father of Lamniformes.